Take My Beginning Adult Ballet Class In The Comfort & Safety Of Your Home.

Be advised, after taking this class, side effects include feeling younger,

healthier, more confident and graceful.

Are you wondering if ballet will help you age gracefully?



Are you wondering if you're too old and out of shape to learn ballet?


Does the thought of wearing tights...makes you uptight?


I'm 62 years old, and have been teaching ballet for over 40 years. My classes produce amazing results, regardless one's age, body type, and physical condition, and I want to share the joy and benefits of ballet with you in your home


So, this one hour introductory ballet lesson is a Free Gift that is yours to keep, if you take the class within 7 days.


Experience a ballet class for yourself and experience the magic it delivers.


There is zero risk and zero obligation.

"I consider these to be ballet bodies."    Elizabeth

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  • This first lesson is absolutely perfect for beginners & returning

    adult dancers ages 18-99, regardless of age.

  • If your body could talk it would say thank you, oh, thank you, after taking this class.

  • All of my ballet exercises can be done in your living room or bedroom, using a chair, tabletop or counter as your ballet barre!

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What are people saying about my free class?


My first class was unbelievably complete...


I could not imagine this much in a first class...but able to accomplish even though I am a senior...over 70.


The ballet vocabulary was well stated, which I appreciated since I had learned it many years ago.



Any Day Ballet Student


I loved this 1st lesson.  


Thank you so much!  I am almost 65 and was a competitive highland dancer then teacher for the first half of my life.  For the last 5 years I have battled issues with both my knees and left hip.  Although I did get through the lesson and was even able to execute small springs with the help of a chair.


My legs have not felt any bounce in them for at least the five years past.  Looking forward to building strength back into all my muscles.  Thank you very much teacher Elizabeth. 👏 

ps. I have just enrolled for the continuing classes. "

Sheila S.


I always wanted to be a ballerina,


but the little town we were living had no classes anywhere close by. I am 52 now and will do this. I won’t be a famous ballerina but at least I’ll learn the basics.


I just did the first free class, and it was wonderful. Elizabeth is a great teacher. Thank you so much for this.



"My intro ballet lesson is a Free Gift that is yours to keep. I want you to experience the joy of ballet." Elizabeth

I took your first class in 2020 and completely loved it. I took your class after my adult ballet class at a nearby dance studio which has advanced ballet dancers in it too. It has  and helped me so much!


I’ve been doing your videos two or three times a week. I’ve been teaching Gyro tonic for over 20 years and working with dancers so I know the terms and the points and the things that I’m supposed to do.


Will keep trying and we’ll see what happens. Thank you!



Robert Samiljan

Any Day Ballet Student


I just wanted to tell you that I am IN LOVE WITH YOU! lol meaning, wow, you are inspiring, beautiful and I love how you teach. 


I am from Brisbane, Australia, and have been a Yoga teacher for many years. I have just started teaching a BARRE Yoga class and wanted to deliver a more authentic class to my students. The BARRE training that I had attended before starting my own was more fast-paced, and it didn't explain the ballet terms and positions very well.  


After watching your first ballet lesson, I realized that this course would be ideal for me, and what I learned will only make me a better BARRE teacher. 


So, thank you so very much for delivering such a fabulous course, with excellent instruction. I am so delighted. 


Trishna Peacock

Any Day Ballet Student

I took the free class, loved it, and signed up for the on-line classes.


You're teaching style is amazing, and I was inspired to continue because of it!


I recently turned 65, and here I am, taking ballet for the first time in my life. How great is that!?





Gena K.

Any Day Ballet Student

I tried your first class ballet and LOVED it. I love your approach, explaining things and keeping the exercise simple for beginners.


I was a ballet student on and off over many  years and loved it. Thank you for offering this course to get me back in the ballet scene again. YAY


I did purchase your $97 on demand videos.

Mary M.

Any Day Ballet Student

I just took my first Virtual Ballet Class and I am excited to take the entire course (I'm 74 yrs young).


Elizabeth gave clear explanations and demonstrations and constantly reminded us of the correct posture and positions.


The class moved at a nice pace and covered far more material than I expected. As the class is online, I never felt self-conscious about how I was doing or how I looked. 


Throughout the lesson Elizabeth referred to us as  "dancers" and to my surprise, I felt like a dancer.  I saw myself as a dancer and here I am... several days later,...still feeling like a "dancer".  I even fantasize my posture has already improved!


Thank you, Elizabeth.  What a great idea.

Leeds C.

1st Any Day Ballet Student

I wish you had been my teacher when I was young.   I danced for almost 15 years and was accepted into the Sadler's Wells Company of performers school (twice) but was not allowed to go up to London away from home.


I still paint, write and love dance and had season tickets to Canada's National Ballet for 16 years. I do what I can at the age of 80.


Pamela Meacher

Any Day Ballet Student

Meet Your Ballet Teacher:

Elizabeth Chayer

(Like The Queen 👑)

Elizabeth shown here with her husband Steve, and sons Denny, and Andy at Mount Denali National Park in Alaska.

  • Elizabeth Has Over 40+ Years Experience Teaching Ballet

    I believe Ballet should be accessible and rewarding for everybody, no matter their age, experience level, or body type. You're going to love my friendly, relaxed teaching style AND you'll get a world class education!

  • The School She Founded Has Taught Over 20,000+ Students

    In the 30+ years since the American Dance Institute has been open, we've had over 20,000+ students come through our doors. You can count on us for a world class dance education that's exciting, invigorating, and fun!

  • She Is The Founder Of The American Dance Institute

    The American Dance Institute first opened in Seattle, WA in 1989. Since then, we've grown to offer more styles of dance instruction than any other school in the state, including ballet, hip-hop, jazz, tap, modern, creative, Irish-step, flamenco, and more!